Simplexxis makes complex problems simple. We assist regulators and firms analyzing their problems and risks, designing successful strategies to solve them and we make them work.

Recent projects include:

1. The design and implementation of a risk-based supervision strategy for a securities regulator in the Americas and for a central bank in Asia.

2. The writing of a global risk analysis for a global financial firm and a Board room strategy presentation.

3. The design of a regulatory development plan for derivatives markets for a central bank of a major Asian country.

4. Advice on financial stability risks for an European financial markets regulator.

5. The development of a regulatory framework and an agency development plan to deal with Fintech and technology risks for a Latin-American financial markets regulator.

6. The training of professionals of regulatory and supervisory theory and practice at specialist courses of universities, business schools and other academic institutions.

7. The publication of the seminal book The Foundations of Regulation (available here) for practitioners, students and professionals interested in financial regulation.